Since 1985, Via Reál has delighted in creating a perfect fine dining experience for our guests. The years have taught us that the use of the finest ingredients, combined with an inviting atmosphere and a caring staff, is the best combination for accomplishing this high standard of excellence.

Southwestern cuisine brings together Mexican, Spanish and Native American culinary practices into one of today's popular food fusions. Many of our dishes here at Via Reál have unique flavors instilled from roasted or smoked peppers. Several plates use fruit infused sauces prepared from mangoes, pineapples, berries and/or citrus. One of our local favorites - our pecan crusted sea bass with jalapeno pineapple sauce and cilantro mashed potatoes is an example. (Please scroll to the bottom of the page for clickable menu links.)

Not only has our cooking been inspired by the southwest but our decor shares the same influence. The interior design and the atmosphere of Via Reál as a whole reflect the cites of Santa Fe, New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona.

We hope that our desire to provide you with the most enchanting dining experience possible will keep you coming back again and again.


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